Eco-Warriors: Day 3

Hello lovely readers, this is Coltrane the turtle reporting back on another turtlerific day. Your camper probably brought home a funny smelling spray bottle today. First thing this morning, they were making their very own household cleaner (we can’t promise that they will want to help with chores). Campers mixed vinegar with water and essential oils to make a solution that is perfect for counter tops without a long list of ingredients.

I had to stay behind, while the campers went on their field trip to the Material Recovery Facility in Southfield, but they reported back that it was simply amazing. We learned all about the materials that can and cannot be recycled. From what our campers reported, your families are doing a great job of turning our trash into new things! As Ms. Tracy, our tour guide, shared with us, “Away is a place.” When we throw a thing “away,” it goes somewhere. And we got to see the whole process!

After such a great morning of learning, our campers thought about ways they could impart their wisdom on future Tollgate campers. They designed posters that will help other campers know what can and cannot be recycled.








When we got back to camp, we hit the ground running….well, our campers did. I prefer to mosey. We went for a lovely hike in the forest. We found many neat natural objects and many man made objects. Campers did a great job of making sure found items were taken care of properly. Frogs were left behind and glass bottles were recycled. Good work warriors!

Our campers continued to work on their STEM projects. They are really shaping up nicely. We are all looking forward to playing their games tomorrow afternoon. I especially like a good dunk tank. 🙂

Until tomorrow, this is Coltrane the Turtle, signing off.

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