2019 Spring Farm Sprouts – Week #3 Wednesday AM

Goats, chicks, birds, blossoms, and bunnies! The farm is full of life as we’ve settled into May. We may have soggy fields, but the rain hasn’t stopped Farm Sprouts from exploring all the farm has to offer in the spring. This week, we discussed scientists and the work they do. We have the opportunity to work alongside scientists at the farm and observe some of their work and projects. Farm Sprouts are understanding that they can work as scientists, too! We are learning to observe, question, seek answers, collaborate with others, document our discoveries, and share their current understandings. Each season we create a Wonder Wall to support our learning, from developing metacognition to building community. Read more about it here. You’ll begin to see learning artifacts appearing on the wall as part of an experiential learning process in which we work to seek answers to questions related to our overarching question of inquiry: “How does our garden grow?” At the end of the season, we invite families to join us in a “Celebration of Learning.” This includes gathering together for a wagon ride and an invitation to tour the Wonder Wall. We look forward to it every season, but we have much left to do between now and then!

Upon arrival this week, we chomped our names from alligator nests to sign in. Lots of different animals lay eggs, including alligators! We’ve been marveling at the various colors and sizes of eggs and the many creatures that make them. Our Sustainable Agriculture team grew sunflower shoots for us, which we harvested with scissors in preparation for the day’s snack. We also continued to investigate eggs in our classroom and had some fun singing and shaking eggs to The Laurie Berkner Band’s song, “I Know a Chicken.”

Outside we continued work on our bird nest, engaged in some digging and tractor work, and created our own small farms with lots of different natural materials with animals. Farm Sprouts checked on their sunflowers and enjoyed smoothies in the greenhouse. The smoothies were a big hit! To help care for our animals, Farm Sprouts gave milk to our goat kids. Walking to and from the Animal Barn, they discovered baby birds in a robin’s nest we’ve been monitoring. Farm Sprouts also visited the Sakura Garden, a Japanese garden filled with cherry trees that are nearly ready to blossom and documented their thinking and discoveries in their journals. To conclude the day, they shared in the story, Whose Egg? by Lynette Evans and Guy Troughton. So many wonderful spring activities and sights! We look forward to what we might next discover with Farm Sprouts!

Sunflower Shoot Smoothies
12 oz. coconut water
1 cup sunflower shoots (or other leafy greens)
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen cherries
1 banana
2 Tbs. local honey

Note: Beginning on May 29th, we will host a small farmer’s market on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Our Sustainable Agriculture Program includes a C.S.A., which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Clay Ottoni also offers a honey stand with incredible honey products, which is where we sourced our honey from for our smoothies! We are incredibly grateful for our local Tollgate farmers and beekeepers for all they provide for us!

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