Animal Camp + Horse Camp: Day Five

TGIF! Welcome to the final day of the Terrific Tollgate Tour! Today’s tour will be a little different; because Animal Camp and Horse Camp did so many of the same activities, the tour will bounce between camps instead of one and then the other.

But first, let’s take a look at this week of fun:

For the final day of animal chores, campers are checking in with the chickens and jumping into the rabbit hutch to make sure they have food and water.

Saying hello to Opal!

Inside the chicken coop with the Red Peppers

A hard goodbye

Over at horse camp, it’s journaling time! Looks like those peppers are pretty focused on writing down all their thoughts about their Tollgate Horse Camp experience.

Detailing the week much like I do!

His “writing face”

Now, let’s check back in with animal campers. It looks like they’re going on another animal-finding hike! I have to say, I quite enjoy going on a nice morning hike. It’s a wonderful way to wake up!

Not an animal, but this mushroom is too cool not to pause for a photo op!

The expedition crew

And as we come back from the forest, make sure to look at the horse arena because it’s riding time! Today, campers did another obstacle course, practiced turning in circles, and did some trotting and cantering. You’ll notice that the improvement from Monday to today is amazing!

Lookin’ good, Jade!

Happy Friday, Friday!

Cantering on Tulsa!

Let’s head to the Activity Center to see what’s going on in Garden Kitchen. I heard a rumor that Ms. Leah is absent today. . .oh yes, look! Each edu-leader is leading the morning Garden Kitchen for their own groups!

Campers love a good critter canoe!

On Fridays, we have morning Garden Kitchen and afternoon destination snack (see below)

Now that it’s afternoon, campers are gathering together again for the water slide of fun! The sprinkling sky isn’t stopping them from having a blast with Mr. Mister and a giant slip-n-slide!

Water slide smile

Sliding into the weekend like…

So. Much. Fun.

And now, I think I see the stewards and SITs presenting the campers with popsicles! This is a tradition for Fridays here at Tollgate, and it’s one that I, for one, love!

Brain freeze!

Friends who ride horses and eat popsicles together stay together

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…the EGG DROP! This is where we put the nests that the campers have been working all week to the test by placing an egg inside and dropping it from the tower in the Children’s Garden. I was holding my breath the entire time, but a lot of groups had really great results!

Anxiously awaiting the start of the drop tests

The drop!


Only a slight crack!

And now, before we say goodbye, it’s time for the destination snack! Ms. Leah prepared it yesterday, and I can’t wait for these “Adventure Bites.” An appropriate name considering all the adventures that campers got up to this week.

Snack crew

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but these adventure bites are just sweet

A fantastic Friday

Food for a Friday

And that concludes my Terrific Tollgate Tour! Thanks for sticking with me through this week full of new experiences and friendships. I loved meeting all of you and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Whether it be next week or next year, I hope to see you again!

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