Bug Camp: Day Five

Tonight on Tollgate Action News: Campers celebrate the last day of bug camp with fun activities, both new and familiar. Stay tuned.

Hello, and welcome to Tollgate Action News. I’m your reporter, Coltrane T. Turtle, ready to give you the breakdown of this wonderful fifth day of camp. Before we begin, if you haven’t checked out our Google Folder with additional photos, it’s really worth looking at! We also have a special Friday video here for you to enjoy!

Now let’s get into it. Today, the campers did animal chores while I reported live from the back of one Sesame Horse.

Here reporting for duty

Giving Red some love

And we can’t forget about Sesame!

We have to do a chicken check-in!

Then, campers continued their hunt for ladybugs as part of the Lost Ladybug Project. I’m glad to announce that even more ladybugs were found today!

On the lookout!

Ladies & their ladybugs

Well hello there

And then, as promised, peppers made fireflies in a jar today! The campers used special paint that charges on light and sunlight to then glow in the dark and look like lightning bugs. Ask your camper to show you their jar before bed tonight!

Painting the fireflies

Campers at work

2 guys and fireflies

Campers may have had some extra fun with the goggles…

After that, it was time for a lunch break before we reconvened for a bug show and tell! Remember those bug sculptures that campers have been making all week? Well today, they got to show other pepper groups their finished products!

Well, well, well, it’s bug show and tell

What a display of camper creativity!

This camper made blind snake-like creatures as his bug creation!

Then, campers played a super fun game called “Who is the Queen Bee?” where one queen got to lead all other bees in a series of movements, and the detective had to determine which camper was the queen. It was made even better when all pepper groups joined in one huge game!

It’s great to bee a pepper!

Circle of fun

Clap your hands in you’re having fun

And then for the big bug finale, we had a pepper-wide event: bug games! Each pepper group competed in four challenges: a parachute game, spider tag, a relay race, and a bug hunt! Congrats to the orange peppers, who were the bug game champions!

Find the fly for five extra points!

“Ladybug bounce” on the parachute!

Lightening fast for the relay race

Spider tag chain!

And last but not least, we had some yummy Garden Kitchen dishes today. The first one was prepared by the campers as always, but the second one was a destination snack that they had helped cook yesterday. Both were, of course, delicious!

Good eats and good reads

Just a few ingredients, and presto! You’ve got pesto!

Summer squash for summer camp!

Smiling because of the apple chips

So yummy

What a splendid last day!

And for today’s Coltrane’s Captured Moment, four of our staff members seem to have been photo-bombed by a yellow pepper. . .


Thanks to everyone who made this week of camp such a special one! Bug camp doesn’t necessarily come around often, and we’re so glad we had it this year.

I hope to see all of you again at a future camp, whether it be next week or next year. Until then, this is Coltrane T. Turtle signing off one last time.

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