Bug Camp: Day Four

Tonight on Tollgate Action News: Campers become full-on pros at animal chores, using their ladybug nets, and creating their bugs. Stay tuned.

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Hello and welcome to Tollgate Action News. I’m your reporter, Coltrane T. Turtle, and today we will be continuing the story of Bug Camp 2018. I have a lot to tell you, so buckle up! Today I will be reporting live from the Tollgate pond.

Ready for my closeup

Today, animal chores were especially exciting as some campers got to groom the horses! They took great care of Friday, Red, and Sesame until they were clean and their coat was shining.

Braiding Red’s mane

It’s almost Friday, Friday

Ms. Alyssa helps a camper use a soft brush

After the horses were taken care of, the peppers got to play a game called “Making Scents of Insects” where they were blindfolded and given a jar. The jar contained a cotton ball that had been doused in a certain scent, and campers had to fly around and try to find another pepper who had the same scent as them. This is similar to the way insects rely on their sense of smell to locate the flowers that they want to suck the nectar from.

Blind as a…bug?

It’s starting to make scents

Looking for her scent mate

Then it was time for a monarch caterpillar hunt! Campers grabbed their nets and walked all over the farm looking for monarchs. Think our campers managed to find one?

Of course they did!

Can you spot the caterpillar?

By this time, the campers were pretty hungry, so we decided to break for lunch. After all, they needed full stomachs for the next activity: the continuation of their Build A Bug project! Today, peppers continued building the habitats for their creatures, and a few groups got to paint their sculptures.

A bug mansion!

Rainbow bug!

The campers may have gotten distracted from painting their bugs…

After that, it was time to continue our lost ladybug project! Campers did a bit of hiking around the Tollgate property in search for ladybugs. We found lots of awesome bugs and we even found. . .

A ladybug!

Can you spot a ladybug’s spots?


Unfortunately, we had a few issues with the materials in the “Fireflies in a Jar” activity, so that got pushed to tomorrow!

The campers also had a top-notch Garden Kitchen session today where they made critter canoes and funky caprese. Delectable!

Caprese Salad and Ms. Leah’s “magic sauce”

Critter canoes for bug week? Perfect!

I think he liked it…

Smiling for the smell of fresh basil

A Tollgate Action News Special: the Thursday schedule

Exclusive Ms. Leah recipes!

And today, I bring you something very special: TWO Coltrane’s Captured Moments!

Caterpillar excitement

Quite a scary bug!

Check out even more snapshots from this wonderful penultimate day of bug camp by clicking here.

Well, folks, tomorrow is it– the very last day! I for one can’t wait to see what’s in store. If you want to know how this thrilling saga ends, join me then! Signing off on this beautiful Thursday, I’m Coltrane T. Turtle for Tollgate Action News.


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