Farm Sprouts – One Season Ends, Another Begins

The fall season of farm sprouts has just wrapped up. Our fall season invited us to investigate how plants and animals prepare for winter. Farm Sprouts developed scientific thinking skills as they observed the many changes taking place around them.

We were busy harvesting apples, pears, peppers, sunflower seeds, and more. Farm Sprouts also observed, raised, and released three monarch butterflies found on the Tollgate milkweed, now on their journey South to warmer climates! There is never a shortage of work and fun to be had on the farm in the fall! Visit the Farm Sprouts Blog to read more about our adventures.

Although the fall season has come to a close, we look forward to the winter Maple Sugaring season of Farm Sprouts, to begin in February. Farm Sprouts will have the opportunity to work alongside our maple sugaring volunteers in the Sugar Bush this winter to harvest and produce Michigan’s first agricultural crop of the year: maple syrup!

Preschoolers will explore some very big concepts, including tree physiology, mathematics, engineering, pressure, and evaporation, all while developing an appreciation for our land, resources, and community. Registration opens on November 17th! Visit the Farm Sprouts Website for dates and details.

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