Horse Camp: Week 1 – Part 2

Happy Friday! Our first week of camp has come to a close and our final day was spent having fun with friends, reviewing some of the things we learned throughout the week, and sharing a song during the afternoon celebration.

Campers took time to give the horses a special snack that they mixed together for them. They were sure not to let any fingers slip in with the treats while feeding!

This week, we saw some campers ride for the first time! They worked on leading the horses around the arena and directing them to perform certain skills.

Miss Louise and Miss Abbi put together a game of Jeopardy to review some of the new things the campers learned this week.

During our Friday Celebration, the Horse Camp crew led the crowd in a round of the 60s Party Camp Song. This was a fun “repeat after me” style song that got everyone in the audience up and moving!

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