Spring Farm Sprouts 2016 – Week 3

How do seeds grow? We’ve continued to explore seeds and how a garden grows. The greenhouse continues to be a fascinating place to stop by for a visit as we’re exploring the farm and tending and checking on our sunflower sprouts.

Tending Sprouts in the Greenhouse

Tending Sprouts in the Greenhouse

We began our day with patterning, puzzles and the chance to care for our turtle, Coltrane, and our goldfish, George. Coltrane is a Red-Bellied River Cooter Turtle and enjoys warming himself on his rocks or swimming. Many of us noticed his webbed feet designed for swimming, making the connection between his feet to the webbed feet of the ducks and goose we cared for last week, and their need to live by water.


Working on Farm Animal Puzzles

Sprouts then had the opportunity to work on seed art, creating collages with glue and various seeds, to explore chicken eggs and discuss embryology, or to engage in pretend play camping. We’ll have camping available next week as well since the afternoon group didn’t have a chance to participate in this activity due to the gusty winds and rain. Both groups took a look through the book, noting that many creatures lay eggs, including many of the animals on our farm and not only our chickens and ducks, but also the fish, turtles and frogs! Just like seeds, eggs also come in a variety of colors and sizes, sometimes in round or oval shapes.


Seed Art


Seed Art


Exploring Eggs and Embryology


Exploring Eggs and Embryology

We gave the kid goats exercise and had the chance to touch a hen, noticing her comb, feathers, and feet.


A Visit to the Animal Barn


Goats are curious!


Exercising the Goat Kids


Discussing Goats with Mr. Alan, Education Director

We’ve discovered many signs of spring as we hiked around the farm, including spring blossoms and a robin searching for a worm! For snack we ate strawberries, noticing their small seeds and leaves. We sang a song about strawberries as we munched:

Strawberry, strawberry, how do you grow?

With sun and water, don’t you know?

First blooms a flower that smells so sweet.

Then grows a strawberry–a tasty treat!


Tasting Strawberries

Next week we will hike out to the Educational Garden in search of strawberry plants and their blossoms. We’ll be doing some worm hunting as well as we continue to investigate how a garden grows.

The groups varied in the locations and focus of their hikes. The morning group navigated the water to the field near the pond as a part of their microhike. We found a place to lay down a hula hoop and then used magnifying glasses to closely observe what we could see within the hoop.


Navigating a Rocky Path


Hiking to a Field


Making Close Observations


Fun with a Magnifying Glass

The afternoon group documented the parts of an egg, taking note of the shell, membranes, albumen, yolk and the blastodisc. They had the opportunity to dance to the song, “In My Garden” by Raffi, acting out the actions of the story with scarves. Sprouts also listened to the story, “Tops and Bottoms” by Janet Stevens. During the story, we passed around carrots with their tops and discovered that carrots can be colors other than orange!


Journaling on Embryology


Journaling on Embryology


Dancing to “In My Garden” by Raffi

Reading "Tops and Bottoms" by Janet Stevens and Inspecting Carrots... with their tops!

Reading “Tops and Bottoms” by Janet Stevens and Inspecting Carrots… with their tops!

We look forward to munching carrots for snack, exploring vermicomposting, and taking a close look at a tractor next week, since both groups voted to see one up close.

Special thanks to Mr. Alan and Ms. Ellen for joining us for parts of the program today!

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