Survival Camp: Day Five

Dear Diary,

OMG! I can’t believe that Survival Camp has come to an end.  The week was so much fun, and today was no exception. It was a stellar end to an awesome week!

First, a reminder that there are WAY MORE pictures than the ones that get included in the blog. To see all of them, visit our Google Folder!

Check out the video below to see Survival Camp highlights!

The day started off with the plank walk challenge. The campers had to use communication and teamwork to step together and reach the finish line. I have to say, even though the planks looked a little tricky, I think the peppers would still beat me in a race!

Talking strategy

A well-oiled machine!

Campers, stewards, and edu-leaders all had to work together!

After each group crossed the finish line, the campers moved on to animal chores. I’ve been in contact with the animals recently, and they told me to thank all the campers who did such a great job taking care of them this week!

Hungry, hungry sheep

It was this camper’s first time ever petting a sheep!

The chicks love him

From there, the peppers went to the gardens one more time to weed, water, and plant Marigolds. The garden is looking better than ever, and it’s all thanks to YOU, campers!

The Yellow Peppers found a brick buried in the gardens– their treasure!

Who is taller?

After that, it was time for a great activity to learn about camouflage! The campers got to decorate a butterfly in a way that they thought would help it blend in, and then they all hid their butterflies in the Children’s Garden for each other to find. I tried to find some myself, and let me tell you, it isn’t easy.

Campers had to be clever with their coloring to ensure maximum camouflage

A butterfly to match the flowers in the background

The Red Peppers look like they may have spotted one!

And finally, we had morning Garden Kitchen! Today, the campers made both their morning snack and their afternoon snack at once, but then saved their afternoon granola bars to have as a destination snack. Their morning snack of kale chips was a huge hit!

Massaging the kale (it was very stressed)

Granola prep

Kale chips and friendships

What a way to wrap up Survival Camp!

Delicious treats you can make at home

After some time for lunch, campers were back at it. Now Diary, you may remember me talking about the shelters that campers have been working on all week. Well today, peppers got a chance to explain the why they built their shelter a certain way and what they would add if they had more time. After that, we remembered our “Leave No Trace” rule and took the shelters down. That way, future campers can have just as much fun building new shelters.

The finished shelter!

The Red and Purple Peppers took turns talking about their forts

Taking apart the shelter as a part of Leave No Trace!

As I mentioned, Farmer Joe hooked our campers up with a sweet wagon ride around the farm. The campers enjoyed their granola bars and sang some camp tunes as they circled the property.

Granola bar enthusiasm

“Baby Shark,” a crowd favorite

Up next was letterboxing! Edu-leaders read clues that led Peppers all around the camp. When they found the stamp, they got to add it to their collection. Here’s one of the clues; see if you can crack the code! “Some may ‘baaa,’ these go ‘cheep,’ under the hens you did peep. From the mother you beg, ’till she gives up her egg, such good care of them you keep!”

Did you guess the chicken coop? Because you’d be right!

The dock by the pond was the answer to another clue.

And so was Garden Kitchen!

And now, for the big finale of Survival Camp AND my week’s diary entries: Capture the Flag! We all came together as peppers for one huge game. It was a tie in the end, and both teams had tons of fun running around– even in the 90 degree weather!

Preparing for the big showdown!

I’d be terrible at this came because it requires speed

Tie game = everyone wins!

And lastly, here’s this week’s final Coltrane’s Captured Moment:


Thank you all for such a wonderful week of Survival Camp. I, for one, learned tons about how to survive and thrive in the wilderness, and I also made some great friends along the way. To those of you who are moving on to other adventures, have a great rest of your summer. For those of you sticking around Tollgate, I’ll see you soon!

-Coltrane 🐢



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