Survival Camp: Day Four

Dear Diary,

Mood: Happy but tired. And that’s because it was such a fun, busy Thursday! These campers are really trying to make the most of their time here at Tollgate, and today was quite the adventure. It all started with a compass walk! Campers got to follow instructions using their compass to trek across the camp and the upper barn. Not one person got lost!

This camper is great at following “directions”

20 paces North

It always helps to have a travel buddy!

Campers didn’t need their compasses to head to the gardens, however. By now, they know the way  by heart! Today, they got to plant some Marigolds to protect plants like tomatoes from bugs. The garden looked gorgeous after all the flowers were in!

Adding a little color to the garden

Planting pals


Now, you may have heard your camper talk about a little game called Owls and Mice this week, but I haven’t mentioned it before today, and that’s because I was waiting for the biggest Owls and Mice game of the week! The Purple and Red Peppers combined and played a fantastic game featuring Ms. Madeline and Mr. Julian as the owls!

Clever hiding places!

Run, little mice!

And finally, you know them, you love them: animal chores! Today’s focus has feathers and lays eggs: can you guess which animal?

Campers spy chickens!

Inside the coop with the Yellow Peppers

After a quick break for lunch, the campers were back at it with one of my personal favorite activities: Canoeing! It takes place in the water, you get to ride with some friends, and you can take a little break from walking– what’s not to love?

The transfer of the paddle

Preparing for send-off

Ready to search for the aloof Tollgate dolphin!

Can you spot the sleeping camper?

After that, we learned how to signal for help in case we ever get lost in the woods. Before today’s lesson, my “in case of an emergency” plan consisted of one step: curl up in my shell. However, after today’s discussion, I have way more tips and tricks up my sleeve in case something goes wrong.

This position means urgent medical care required

One camper even brought a reflector from World War 2 to use for the demonstration!

The STEAM shelters are looking better than ever! I didn’t quite make it out there today (I’m a turtle, I move slow OK) but here are a few more great building shots from yesterday!

Working hard AND having fun!

Collecting building materials

And of course, Garden Kitchen! Now, Diary, Garden Kitchen is really starting to get interesting; the campers were out by the firepit AGAIN today! The made some great looking “spider dogs” and then some yummy coleslaw in the afternoon.

Spider dog smiles 🙂

Ms. Leah observes the roasting

A speared spider dog

Garden Kitchen thrills

Enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labor

See what I mean when I say busy?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to make this coleslaw again!

And now, Diary, it’s time for (insert theme music here) Coltrane’s Captured Moment!

Todays moment? A moment of friendship in Garden Kitchen!

Wishing that I took even more pictures? You’re in luck! Check out the Google Folder for additional snapshots of Survival Camp!

Remember to wear your tie-dye shirts tomorrow! Until then, dear Diary.


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