Survival Camp: Day Three

Dear Diary,

Happy hump day! It’s the dead middle of Survival Camp (HA!) and things are really picking up. You will not believe the action that these people crammed into one day! First and foremost: animal chores! The campers are starting to become real pros.

Who says chores aren’t fun?

Chicken crew

Then, it was fishing part two! The older campers got a chance to cast their lines and see what would bite. A ton of fish came to say hi before we released them back into the pond.

The smile of a fishing champion!

Exercising patience

The one that DIDN’T get away

An assist from Mr. Julian

And because it was capital H Hot outside, some peppers got a visit from my good friend Mr. Mister! He gave the campers a much-needed refresher.

Dance party in the mist!

Sliding through the H2O

But humans aren’t the only ones who were in need of water. The garden was also looking fairly thirsty. Luckily, our campers were at the ready with some homemade watering cans.

Sharing the love (and water)

Healthy plant, happy plant

Then, it was time for lunch. The peppers took some time to refuel, and then they were back at it with some fire building! Most of the campers also added to their shelters while they were out in the forest.

Even a small spark can start a fire!

These campers took a more challenging route: starting a fire with a magnifying glass!

This shelter is really taking form!

After that, the name of the game was archery! I stayed in my shell just in case an arrow came flying my way, but I was worried for nothing! All of our campers did an excellent job aiming at (and often hitting) the target!

Ready, Aim, SHOOT!

The targets took a beating. Nice job, campers!

Learning the ins and outs of archery

When your bow (and arrow) matches your shirt

Now Diary, listen to this. Garden Kitchen was totally different today! The campers made a delicious rainbow skewer in the morning, and then got to cook cornbread on the campfire in the afternoon! It was so exciting; I mean, garden kitchen actually left the kitchen!

Grinding away at the corn!

Pouring the batter

Placing the bread on the fire

The finished product: cornbread and chili. Yum!

Today’s day of fun

Make a fire in your backyard and try the cornbread at home!

A yummy, colorful snack! What could be better?

And now, everyone’s favorite part: Coltrane’s Captured Moments! Today’s Moments are both moments of fishing success!

Look closely in Ms. Madeline’s hand- you’ll see my good friend Twitch the fish!

My other pal, Bubbles!

So as you can see, dear Diary, today was packed with tons of activities and opportunities for campers to try something new. If you don’t see your camper in my diary for today, take a peek at the Google Folder for even more awesome pics!

Until tomorrow 🙂




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