Survival Camp: Day Two

Dear Diary,

Today was day two of Survival Camp, where we talk about all of the things we need to keep us alive and threats to our survival. One of those threats is allergies, so as a reminder: PLEASE DO NOT BRING TREE NUTS/PEANUTS TO CAMP! That includes peanut butter. Thank you!

Anyway, I’d like to document the day’s activities once again. First, the campers learned more about “Leave No Trace” and what to bring on a hike. We had some really great talks about camping essentials.

Some informative camp conversation

Ms. Claire leads the discussion

Then, the campers got to participate in the Survivor Maze. They each got to take turns walking a path until someone made it all the way through without one wrong step!


On the right track

And of course, the campers did a great job of taking care of our animals. A few were out at the fair this week, but there were still plenty to hang out with.

So fluffy!


Also, Diary, the campers got to go to the garden and eat some berries and kale! I wish someone had brought some back for me!

Locating the perfect raspberry

Nothing like crunchy kale

Also, the green and yellow peppers got to go fishing today! Real, in-the-pond fishing. And the best part? A lot of the campers even caught some! (The rest of the campers go tomorrow.)

Ready to fish

Patience is key


Fish are friends

And that was just the morning, Diary! After lunch, the campers were back at it in the woods. Their shelters are really coming along!

Another great example of teamwork!

Everyone pitched in

The shelter is looking great!

While the campers were out, they picked up some wild edibles! After washing them off in the Activity Center, they gave them a try and ranked them on a thumbs-up/thumbs-middle/thumbs-down system.

The menu included cattail and dandelion

We put everyone’s opinion on a chart

A plant-based snack

These campers are ready and willing to try new things!

After that, campers travelled to the fire pit to talk about the ten hiking essentials, and how we can protect our belongings from bears. They got to practice stringing up a backpack in a tree to protect it from any non-humans who might be looking for a snack.

Securing the pack

Gathering around to talk about hiking essentials

Preparing to tie up the backpack

Now Diary, don’t think that anyone went hungry today. We had some great Garden Kitchen recipes!


Today’s card

The campers had a blast making these yummy treats.

Smoothie prep

Peeling the garlic

“Garden Kitchen rocks!”

Some had sauce, some had naan

And finally, Coltrane’s Captured Moments:

Who needs hands anyway?

Getting messy in the kitchen is half the fun!

So all in all, Diary, it was a splendid day. As always, TONS more pictures can be found in this Google Folder. See you tomorrow!


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