Welcome to Tollgate, Sedona!

We are proud to welcome a new team member to the farm. Sedona is an amazingly talented Bay spotted (feathered) mare Appaloosa horse. Sedona was donated to the farm by Commander Kevin MacRitchie of the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department. She is an accomplished horse that will make a great addition to our riding programs. 

Sedona was born March 30, 2000 in Michigan (Sire: Zip Me Impressive – 7-time world champion Appaloosa, Dam: Symphony – Appaloosa Mare, Grand-Dam: Rosie – Appaloosa Mare).

Sedona always has working on her mind.  At age 3 months, she was placed in the buffalo pens with 6 buffalo calves close to her age and learned how to handle herself over the next 2 years around buffalo. By 2005 she had become the top buffalo herding horse working at Custer State Park – South Dakota (with Kevin) and continued earning that recognition until her last year working there in 2014, an amazing 9 year span.

Sedona has always lived in Michigan.  In addition to her talented buffalo herding skills, she has also served as a certified law enforcement officer for Oakland, Cheboygan, and Clare County Michigan. Sedona is technically considered an active duty law enforcement officer for the county of Cheboygan, Michigan.

Sedona spent most of her youth on the buffalo ranch and being ponied by her grandmother or mother trail riding in Pinckney State Recreation Area.   As she become of age to ride regularly, she hit the trails and followed the buffalo herd almost daily.  Trained by her owner, Commander Kevin MacRitchie, she was his very best friend until Kevin met his wife, Commander Kimba MacRitchie while serving together for Oakland County Sheriff Department.

Sedona and Buddy (Commander Kimba MacRitchie’s horse) served Oakland County together as partners for many years with downtown Pontiac, Michigan as their main beat and/or detail. Sedona also served to protect and march in the Presidential Inauguration of President Obama’s second term and could be found working annually at the Detroit Fireworks Festival. 

Sedona has saved several lives from people being attacked by buffalo and been gored twice by buffalo in the process.  She is a strong and powerful horse, yet she loves children and the attention and softness they bring. Sedona has had many young enthusiastic riders learn on her.  Rub her neck or her face and she may just take a nap while you are doing so.

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