Animal Camp 2021: Thursday-Friday

Happy Thursday! It sure was a toasty one! 

We kicked off our morning with animal chores! This morning the Orange peppers were on goat milking and did a great job! 

After animal chores it was time to go to learn about chickens and dissect an egg. We capped off this experience with a delicious hard boiled egg. 

But the best part of the morning was visiting Farmer Darby in the CSA field to see a larger scale potato operation. They brought out a big tractor and we got to harvest a whole bed of potatoes! Was like finding gold nuggets buried underneath the ground. The campers loved it, except for the smell of the rotting seed potatoes (for those who were lucky enough to grab one). 

After a snack of Dragons Tongue beans we headed over to the mister to cool off!

We also had time to play some games 🙂 

After Lunch the highlight of the week was here… HORSEBACK RIDING! The Rose of the day! 

Green Peppers Pictures: 

Yellow Peppers:

Orange Peppers: 

After riding we had to get our creative energy flowing because it was time to paint our Creatures. The campers did a great job adding the final details to their creatures. 

Then off to learn about Zoonotic diseases and how we can prevent them. We played a quick game of bacterial tag and unfortunately the bacteria won this time. 

Today was hot, however, Farmer Roy surprised us with a token to remember Jacks retrieving demonstration and we all loved it! Thank you Farmer Roy and Jack the Wonder Dog! 


Welcome to Tie dyed camp t shirt Friday! Yellow peppers were excited to get a picture with the famous Farmer Roy today in celebration of one of the Olympic sports (retrieval skills challenge) 

Green peppers led the Flag Ceremony this morning and they really got us excited for the day! Thanks Green Peppers! 

After Flags it was off to Chores. We said our farewells to the animals for the week. 

Then it was time to snack and learn about what Cows eat and what cows give us. We were surprised by a few of the items. 

Then off to the woods for a Fox and Owl walk. The yellow peppers did some deep exploring and found some interesting tracks, a fox, a fun log, some vernal pools, bones, a deer, and so much more! 

After the forest it was time for lunch! Then time to show off our creatures. 

Then time for some games and final activities before 2021 Tollgate Farm Olympics. The 10 competitions included: Sack race, Goat Milking competition, Lasso a Pony, Migration Obstacle Course, Water Trough Ball Race, Horse Shoe Toss, Sponge Race, Egg Race, Try Not to Laugh (Farm animal edition). All teams did amazing! 

Such a great week! Thank ya’ll for coming! Hope to see you all again soon. 🙂 

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