Food Camp: Day Five

OMG! It’s the last day of Food Camp, and the last day of summer camp for a lot of the edu-staff. As you may recall, my name is Coltrane, and I’ve been researching Food Camp here at Tollgate for an upcoming book I’m authoring. This has been such a week of fun, and today was no exception. Let’s get into what happened today on this final Friday of Food Camp.

But first, a reminder that more photos can be found by clicking here and watching this video!

Up first, the campers said their farewells to the animals on the farm, from the rabbits to the goats. I’m in close contact with the animals at Tollgate, and they’ve only had great things to say about all the care that the campers provided this week.

I have a feeling somebody is watching me….

The hardest goodbye

Then, campers got a visit from a different kind of animal. Worms! Our vermicompost worms made an appearance today at camp, and the peppers quite enjoyed watching the little critters slither around.

Everyone wants a peek

Worm pals for the win

One happy pepper

Then, it was time for something that was a big hit with this group: soil chef. This is where campers got to make different foods out of mud and dirt. Pancakes, pies, and pizza were the most common dishes. I wonder who I could pay to create a mud sculpture of me for my tank.

Water is a key ingredient

Look at all those pies!

Soil chef at work

Unfortunately, the mud food wasn’t exactly edible, so campers headed over to Garden Kitchen for their morning Friday session. Today was quite the fiesta– the snack was salsa!

Face full o’ salsa

It’s not a party without chips & salsa


A great way to wrap up a week of recipes!

Thanks for a great week!

We didn’t make the blackberry fool, but it was a recipe in a book that the campers really enjoyed

After that, it was time for a quick lunch, and then the campers were ready to present their farm stands to each other! Here’s a breakdown of each of the farm stands:

Green: Applesauce (cinnamon and raspberry)  Yellow: Popcorn trail mix

Orange: Fruit smoothie   Red: Zucchini bread

Make the zucchini bread at home!

Got smoothie?

The farm stand is up and running!

Free popcorn trail mix!

The farm stand sessions slowly evolved into a dance party, which was a win for everyone.

Party @ Tollgate

Conga, conga, conga!

Dirt boy also made an appearance

After that, they closed the day with popsicles and skits! A lot of you parents came to watch, and I think you’ll agree that the skits were Oscar-worthy.

Waiting for the curtain to go up

These two played “Scooby” and “Shaggy”

My hands are high, my feet are low, and this is how I popsicle

Popsicle patrol is the best!

And that’s all she (well, in this case, I) wrote. Thank you so much to all the parents and campers who read this blog every single day. I hope it provided you the means to talk to your camper about their day and receive more than a one-word answer. I really enjoyed being your detective, reporter, and friend. I hope to see you ALL again next summer!

Thanks for sticking with me!

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