Food Camp: Day Two

Hi there! It’s me Coltrane, back to share more of my research on Tollgate food camp with you. Unfortunately, I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so I don’t have quite as many photos as usual. But, I still have some great information about what went on this Tuesday at camp.

Trying to get that summer tan

First of all, you know how those peppers love their animal chores! Campers were very excited to get out to the barn this morning and say hi to their furry and feathered friends.

We have procured an egg!

A goat good morning

Hay for breakfast, anyone?

Then, it was off to the garden to make something really cool: bee hotels! Peppers (assisted by stewards) got to drill holes in little logs to form “one-bedroom apartments” for bees in need of a place to stay. The end result looked fabulous! I wonder if they would be interested in making a turtle hotel?

Stewards help when power tools are involved

Construction zone

Look at all those hotels! These bees will NOT be homeless any time soon

After all that hard (but fun!) work, it was time for a game. And not just any game, the pollination game! Peppers got to run around the Children’s Garden and “pollinate” each other with bandannas. If I wasn’t such a slow mover, I would have joined right in!

Time in the Children’s Garden is always time well-spent

Ask your camper about pollination!

A beautiful day for some outdoor games

Then, campers had some lunch before doing some other fun activities! First, campers continued to work on their farm stand by talking about which recipe they might want to make for their friends here at camp. I didn’t realize so much went into planning a farm stand, but our peppers are doing a good job preparing.

Brainstorming session: Close your eyes and think!

Then, we had a special guest speaker who came to talk about honey extraction! She let the campers feel honeycombs, and they talked about all the different jobs that bees have, why they sting, and how they make honey!

So much sweet information!

And of course, Garden Kitchen was a great time too! Today’s treats were beet hummus and Mediterranean salad. YUM!

Hummus in a pretty pink!

Big hummus bite!

One tasty treat


A day of fun

Eat these treats at home!

Looks like it was a great day at Tollgate. This material will be great to use in my upcoming book. Thanks for your patience with this post, and as always, more photos can be found by clicking here! 

Until next time, readers!

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