Green Science Adventure Camp – 2: Day 5

What a wonderful week we’ve had at camp! We enjoyed having your campers here with us and have loved every activity that we’ve participated in. We even threw in a few extra special activities just for the last day.

Just like everyday, we took care of the farm animals.

GSAC Day 5 001

Red Peppers

Orange Pepper

Orange Pepper

Feeding Alice the rabbit

Feeding Alice the rabbit

Green Peppers feeding the ducks

Green Peppers feeding the ducks

We had nutrition educators come in and show us how to make a healthy snack made of vanilla yogurt, strawberries and granola. Ms Pam made us smoothies as a destination snack too! We love seeing the campers step out and try new things!

GSAC Day 5 047

GSAC Day 5 055

Destination snack

Destination snack

GSAC Day 5 007 (2)

We learned about wool and how it is processed into the yarn that you might buy at a craft supply store. Campers helped card the wool first so that all of the fibers were running in the same direction, and then we washed it and hand-spun it into bracelets. Campers were able to dye their bracelet in Kool-Aide if they wanted to, and everyone took home their creation as a camp souvenir!

GSAC Day 5 061

Passing around the wool

Carding wool

Carding wool

GSAC Day 5 116

We spent some time in the garden making signs for the vegetables. The campers showed us their artistic side and then we planted the signs in front of whatever vegetable they drew.

We wrapped up our sustainable farm models. We got a chance to share our models with the group, and we enjoyed seeing the camper’s creativity and how far they’ve come since Monday!

GSAC Day 5 099

The campers went on an animal hike and took Duke, Jackson and Calvin with them!


Our campers finally got to perform the skits they’ve been practicing all week! Each pepper group performed in front of their parents, as well as the other campers! Keep an eye out for a blog post with the videos!

Peppers waiting to perform!

Peppers waiting to perform!

Thanks again for sharing your campers with us!

GSAC Day 5 159

GSAC Day 5 151

GSAC Day 5 131

GSAC Day 5 142


6 oz. raspberries
6 oz. blackberries
6 oz. blueberries
8 oz. strawberries
2 cups vanilla yogurt

1. Put in nutribullet to crush seeds and skins
2. Put everything in blender with yogurt

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