Green Science Adventure Camp: Day Five

TGIF from me, Coltrane, for one last Green Science Camp day! I can’t believe the week is already over– it was so much fun and filled with tons of amazing activities that allowed many of our campers to have brand new experiences.

I normally provide you with this at the end of the blog post, but for those of you who don’t read until the end, I’m stating it here: There is a Google Folder with all the photos that didn’t make the blog. Click here to check it out!

And a fun bonus from this week of camp: click here.

Also, we’d like to remind families to be checking campers, stewards, and SITs for TICKS. Just look over your child’s body, and if you do find a tick, grasp it with tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pull it straight out. For more information about tick prevention, click here. 

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the day’s highlights! It all started with horse care! Our campers got to brush and walk Sesame and Friday, which was fun for children and horses alike!

Mr. Julian helps a camper walk Friday!

Sesame gets a thorough brushing

Just horsin’ around

Friday getting walked on Friday

The campers also got to submit designs for a garden to Ms. Nicole to consider for Tollgate. We got some great ideas!

The beginnings of a masterpiece

This camper put a barn in her garden!

Also, as promised, here are some of the garden signs that our campers painted!




After that, we had a quick break for lunch, and then it was time for a wagon ride around the farm! I could hear campers singing songs on the tractor all the way from my tank!

Wagon ride!

The campers did a great job singing while we rode along!

We also got to plant the seed bombs, which you may remember from yesterday’s post. The campers hand a blast throwing them into the ground.

The seed bombs will plant grass!

This area looks like it could use some grass!

It was so hot by this point, that our campers were jealous of my cool tank of water! I convinced Ms. Delaney to break out the hose.

Water-loving campers: kids after my own heart.

Some campers even repurposed their water bottles

Purple Peppers enjoy some H2O

For the final Garden Kitchen of the week, campers made “critters in a canoe” and matcha bites. They were then able to take the bites with them for a wagon-ride snack!

Rollin’ up the matcha bites

Perfectly spherical

Ms. Leah assists in applying the cream cheese


Today’s cards 🙂

Activity card

Make these snacks at home!

After a (hot) afternoon of fun, we all gathered around a big walnut tree to watch each pepper group’s skit. Each performance was Oscar-worthy!

The Purple Peppers performed an awesome rap song!

These two campers came together to form an “animal trap”

These campers sang a great song about recycling

Today’s Coltrane’s Captured Moment:

Our wonderful edu-leaders enjoy a wagon ride.

This week was really one of the best weeks of camp I’ve experienced during my time here in the Tollgate Activity Center. I appreciate each and every one of you who came to camp, and especially those of you who read this blog. Thanks for making this week so unforgettable. For those who won’t be returning, have a great rest of your summer! For those of you coming back, I’ll see you soon! Stay cool!



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