Green Science Adventure Camp: Day Four

Hello, all! It’s me, Coltrane, back for another report of today’s activities! I have to tell you, I’m having such a blast documenting everything. And who wouldn’t when you get to observe such fun? For example, today campers got to put a leaf behind a piece of paper, and shade it in using a crayon. Check out some of the results!

True art!

Beautiful work by one of our campers

Their art time wasn’t over there! All groups also got to paint some signs for the garden. I’ll share the finished products with you soon, but for now, here are some great “hard-at-work” snapshots.

Artists at work

Making some gorgeous signs!

Now, if you’re a loyal reader, you likely remember the craft from yesterday: making binoculars! And thank goodness we did, because they really came in handy when we went on a scavenger hunt. Everyone did a great job finding everything!

Looks like somebody found a flower!

This camper spotted the camera!

Crab apple: check!

We also put our construction worker hats on to craft some bee hotels! The orange peppers got to jam out to “Despacito” by Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee while building.

What do you need for a bee hotel? Sticks and a can!

Success for these two!

But the campers weren’t allowed to put down their tools and markers just yet! They also needed to make signs for the bee hotels!

A camper and her sign!

“Do not kill bees because they are important. They help us grow”

Beautiful work!

“Bees rock! Wow! Cool!”

After that, it was break-time for lunch! The campers enjoyed a nice meal in the sun before getting back at it for canoeing! Canoeing was a great success (zero tipped canoes) and everyone had a blast.

Paddling requires teamwork!

A small T-boning incident, but all were just fine!

The camper in front provides the power!

Another thing that my dear readers know: this week, campers have been mapping the campsite by drawing on paper. Well today, we took it to the next level! Campers were able to use actual materials to create small versions of the farm.


Looking good

STEAM farms (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

Another story conclusion revolves around the track traps. The time has come to investigate our results!

Unfortunately, the Purple Pepper’s trap got rained on, which washed away the tracks

Yellow Peppers compare their tracks to the book of tracks!

They suspect a cat to be the culprit

And how could I forget Garden Kitchen? Today was an especially delicious day because it featured grapefruit avocado salad and swirly scape pesto! (Again, the recipe cards got a bit flip-flopped, so here’s the bean recipe from yesterday! See yesterday’s post for the pesto.)

Drizzling honey on the salad


Garden Kitchen Crew

Ms. Leah helps with pesto prep

Green pesto for green science week!

Servin’ it up!

And a big first bite!

Recipe- remember that the pesto recipe is in last week’s post!

Activity card

And finally, we wrapped up the day with a guest speaker: Nathan Westfall from the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He spoke with our stewards and SIT’s about careers in agriculture!

A water bottle prize!

A great talk from Nathan Westfall!

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: Coltrane’s Captured Moments!

She can see in two different directions!

Binocular photos for the win.

Ms. Claire is ready to go!

I was able to move my slow turtle body fast enough to get A TON of canoe pics! They are all in our Google Folder. Click here!

Remember to wear your tie-dye tomorrow for our day of Friday fun! See you then!


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