Green Science Adventure Camp: Day Two

Welcome back, readers! It’s me, Coltrane, again. Yesterday, I presented my evidence that camp was back. Today, I’d like to show you the reasons why I think it’s shaping up to be one of our best camp weeks ever.

Exhibit A: Fishing

As you saw yesterday, the campers practiced fishing on a grassy hill. Today, it was go time. The campers all went over to the pond and threw their lines in, ready to reel in whatever was willing to bite. And they were not disappointed! Check out some of the great catches!

Great catch!

A big one!


Fishing pals!

Exhibit B: Vermicomposting

The campers got up-close and personal with our compost worms today. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, but even I have to admit, the compost bins were pretty cool.

Worm buddy

Worm BFF

The compost bin

Exhibit C: Even MORE garden time! These campers are turning into young Sherlocks during garden investigation.

Garden adventures

Leaf inspection

The garden gets a thumbs-up from this camper!

And that concludes the morning exhibits. BUT, I still have more proof that this week of camp is one for the books.

Exhibit D: Adding onto the farm map

As I suspected, the campers were able to add on to their maps. Now, I don’t want to say I’m feeling left out that none of the campers have included my tank on their maps, but campers, if you want to throw it on your map tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain.

All smiles during map time!

Future cartographer?

Thank you’s are always acceptable!

Exhibit E: Hiking

The campers enjoyed some great hikes today, both in the woods and in the hay field. Lots of good exercise!

Taking a quick break on a bench

They also checked the progress of their track trap!

Exhibit F: Experiments

The campers also unleashed their inner-scientists this week with an experiment about erosion!

Ms. Tanya leads the experiment

Green peppers circle up

These campers were so excited about erosion that they made a handshake!

And finally, exhibit G: Garden Kitchen (a classic)

Today’s Garden Kitchen menu included collard wraps and farmer M.A.C. Although some campers were hesitant at first, most warmed up to the dishes.

Big bite of the collard wrap!

The excitement is palpable

Farmer MAC gets a good review!

Here’s today’s recipe card and schedule:

Activites Recipe card

As you can see, I’ve provided sufficient evidence that this week of camp is really at the top of the charts. The only chance of something being even more fun? TOMORROW! Until then, campers, I’m off for a swim.

P.S. I can hear the chorus of “Coltrane! My picture didn’t make it into the blog AGAIN!” I know, I know. But don’t worry, there’s a great photo album available to view. Click here! 


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