Join the Tollgate Farm 4-H Club for the 2021-2022 Year

What do Tollgate Farm 4-H Club Member do?

  • Kids help with Livestock and Poultry care during the weekends. This means collecting eggs, feeding, filling buckets and troughs, pen cleaning etc. 
  • We grow produce/ herbs for sale.
  • We sell eggs.
  • We sell value added products: dried fruit, goat milk soap, granola, etc. The kids make these products.  
  • We use a portion of the proceeds from sales to support the animal barn. The remainder supports club activities.
  • Kids are encouraged to participate in the Oakland County and Michigan State fairs.
  • Some of our members choose to participate in our showmanship program. This allows them to use Tollgate animals to participate in showmanship at the Oakland County Fair. 
  • The kids also have the opportunity to participate in public events at Tollgate. We usually have a farm stand sale and also help with farm animal display.

Tollgate Farm 4-H Club is open to new members age 5 – 19. We meet Wednesday evening and to chores on weekends 

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