Kinder-Garden Camp 2013: Week 1, Day 2


It was another fun day at camp and we learned all about plants!

When we first arrived at camp Ms. Sarah’s group found a bee!

A camper shows off the bee they found.

A camper shows off the bee they found.

We got to meet the goats and play with them. We learned about milking them and feeding them!

We played a plant environment game to figure out where our plants grow. We found out that some fruits and vegetables grow on trees, bushes, vines, and some just from the ground!

We used our new plant and animal knowledge to figure out where the cheese and veggies came from for our quesadillas. When we hung out with the goats we learned just like cows they can be milked too! We had cow’s milk cheese in our quesadillas though. We even learned that our zucchini and squash grow on vines!

I hope you’re all ready for another great day at camp tomorrow!


Garden Kitchen Recipe

Squash Quesadillas

½ summer squash

½ zucchini

1 cup white queso shredded cheese

4 whole grain tortillas


Olive oil


Wash and dry summer squash. Wash and dry zucchini. Chop summer squash. Chop zucchini. Measure ½ cup of white queso cheese. Use brush to lightly cover tortillas with olive oil. Wash and rip fresh cilantro. Put cheese, squash, zucchini, and cilantro on tortilla and cook until cheese is melted.




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