Meet Our Staff and Volunteers March 2021

Mary has been the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program State Leader since 2008 and she is based at Tollgate Farm. Mary is a native of Oakland County who grew up with a passion for plants, with a special interest in woody landscape plants (trees and shrubs). Mary has been a horticulture educator working with green industry businesses and consumers for MSU Extension for 36 years. Mary enjoys working with MSU Extension because of the opportunity to work with both people and plants while being connected to research and science. She likes sharing her knowledge with others and continually learning and being part of local, national and international networks to continue the exchange of scientific knowledge on plants. Her works has included travel to exchange ideas with horticulturists, EMGs, and plant enthusiasts in different states and counties (South Korea, Europe, Great Britain and numerous states). In her free time, Mary enjoys gardening (of course!) and specifically raising vegetables and cut flowers in her 144’ x 36’ hoop house. She also enjoys travel (prior to COVID-19) and learning about new plants. MSU Extension and Tollgate are fortunate to have Mary’s incredible knowledge and experience leading the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program. Thank you for all you do for MSU Extension and Tollgate Farm Mary!

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