Outdoor Adventure Camp: Week 2, Day 5

It was our last day of camp and it filled with even more exciting activities!

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After everyone practiced their casting yesterday, they did so well today! Rainy days can be a great time to go fishing because fish are generally more active in low light conditions. While there are both omnivorous and carnivorous fish, the peppers caught all carnivorous fish: sunfish, bass, and bluegill. We tried to look for turtles to see how many turtles there were in the pond to hang out on our turtle islands once we put them out. Most people got to catch a fish. One person caught seven fish!!

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We made rainbow smoothies today. We used strawberries, orange juice, bananas, kale, and blueberries. A nutritionist came in and talked about eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Today we got to experiment with different mixtures for our smoothies. Some groups used a little juice and others used a lot of juice to see how they would taste different. All of the different fruits and vegetables have nutrients that are so good for us!

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We played capture the flag for most of the afternoon. We paraded our flags to the capture the flag field. We hid our flags and had such a fun time searching for each other’s flags.

Garden Kitchen Recipe

Color of the rainbow smoothie


  • 1 C strawberry

  • 1 C blueberry

  • 1 ½ C orange juice

  • 1 banana

  • a few leaves kale

Blend until smooth.

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  1. Miwa Nakane says:

    Thank you for letting my son(Genta) experience a lot of things in this camp.
    My son had enjoyed activies every day.
    I had heard about “4H” when I was in Japan that it’s grate association.
    My son had belonged to “Labo Party” in Japan.I knew that “4H” have a good relationship with “Labo party”.

    We will try making smoothie using your recipe.
    Thank you,

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