Sprouts Farm Camp 2021: Monday-Tuesday


Happy Monday Sprouts Campers!
Today we had a busy and rainy first day of camp! We might have gotten a little wet today, but that didn’t prevent us from having a great time!

We started our day with a wagon ride around the farm. We saw turkeys, some saw a cayote, deer, and all the other animals on our farm.

After the wagon ride we had a visit with some farm animals. We saw the chickens, goats, rabbits, and ducks depending on the group. We will visit with all the animals by the end of the week. 🙂 

After the animal time we had snack which was a smoothie and read the book “Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” by Kate Messner. 

We also learned about tie dye and tie dyed our camp t shirts. We will wear these colorful t shirts on Friday. Each camper got to choose their pattern, colors, and sprayed their shirt. We can’t wait to see all them on Friday.

After all of the activities it was already time to go home! We cant wait to see everyone tomorrow 🙂 



Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Tollgate Farm Camp! Today we are hoping for better weather because we have a lot of fun planned for today. 

We started the day with Garden Time. We joined Ms. Katie and our garden volunteers in the Educational Garden to play a plant scavenger hunt and to learn about plants and pests. 

Each camp group did amazing finding all the pieces and the many groups finished off their garden time collecting potato beetle pests to feed to the chickens. 

Then off to the animals! We all got to see a new animal today? Which animals did your camper go see?

After the animals we had snack where we made delicious bugs. We took apples, Sunbutter, crackers, and raisens and made them into delicious beetles and butterflies. 

Then we went off to dig in the dirt and learn about vermicomposting. We learned about the parts of worms, what compost is, and why it is good for the earth. 

Then it was time to learn how to milk a goat. A lot of campers went home with gloves to try it again at home. You can fill up the glove with water, tie it like a balloon, and poke a hole on one or more of the udders (fingers) and practice your goat milking. 

After goat milking we learned about sheep wool and felting. We used friction from our hands to felt our own bracelets from Tollgate Farm sheep wool. 

Then time to go home! Looking forward to seeing all tomorrow 🙂 

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