Summer Camp 2021: Earth Explorers Camp Monday-Tuesday


Earth Explorers Camp Week and we are excited for a week of GREAT Weather and fun!

Today we started the day with Flag ceremony hosted by the Orange peppers. They did a great job leading the way for the other pepper groups for Wednesday and Friday. After the Flag ceremony we did the C.A.R.E.S. Behavior expectations skits led by the Stewards and SIT’s.

After skits it was time for a wagon ride. We got a lovely tour around the farm. Some groups saw deer, fox, and turkeys!

After skits it was animal chore time. All the camp groups were able to meet a different animal. We will get to visit all the animals by the end of the week.

After chores we learned about reducing plastic and natural products as we made DIY bug spray. You can make your own at home by checking out the recipe here. 

Then it was time to go to the garden with Ms. Katie. We learned about plant needs and had a friendly competition on who could weed the fastest. The Plants WON 🙂 

After lunch we started our week long STEAM project: Making a Carnival Game! Looks of designing and building this week as we turn “trash” into something awesome! 

Then after snack and tie dye it was time to go home! What a great first day of camp! Looking forward to tomorrow 🙂 


Another day of fun! Tuesday was a full day of learning and fun! 

We started the day with Animal Chores! Green peppers got to milk a goat today! It was a huge success! 

After chores back to the garden with the Education Garden Volunteers. They taught us about pests and let us explore all the bugs in the garden. We found butterflies, ants, beetles, bees, and more! Some groups even got to feed the chickens some grub 🙂 

After the garden we headed over to pond to explore the life underwater and around waters edge. We learned about erosion and found fish, crayfish, and more! 

Then Dream Tree! Do trees dream? We found out they do communicate. Each camp group was able to write their tree dream and tag the tree for all to see. <3 

After lunch we got to practice casting for fishing tomorrow. The campers learned the Tollgate way of fishing and look ready to do some real fishing tomorrow! How many do you think we will catch?

After casting practice we learned about pollution, its effect, and how we can do our part to limit it through the story called “A Fishy Story”. The campers all got to be a part of the story!

The last activity of the day was working on our STEAM project. All of the games are really coming to life!

And of course games were played 🙂 

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our third day of Earth Explorers camp! 

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