Summer Camp Staff

Meet MSU Tollgate’s 2021 Summer Staff!

Hi Guys! Ms. Sara here! I am looking forward to being your virtual summer camp counselor for our 2021 MSU Tollgate Farm Summer Camp. Some fun facts about me include, I moved up to Michigan from Florida in August of 2018, I am a outdoor fanatic, my animal personality is part goat and part cat, I love trail running and baking, and cannot wait to learn more about you throughout the summer!

Hi Friends! My name is Ms. Ellen! I have been sharing a love of the outdoors with youth in formal and informal settings for over 30 years. As Stewards and Specialty Camp Coordinator, I love leading the stewards program, vet science camp, and outdoor adventure camp.  I thoroughly enjoy my role as Tollgate’s Education Coordinator and learning outdoors alongside campers and students. My passions include gardening, reading, music, wilderness sports, and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Hello, everybody! My name is Ms. Alex and I’m so looking forward to being your edu-leader this summer! This is my second year working on the summer camp team, but come fall I’ll be teaching middle school English for my first full year. I’m the second oldest of seven siblings and recently graduated from U of M (I know, I know). On the farm, I especially enjoy spending time with the chickens and goats, as well as exploring the forest. When I’m not at Tollgate, you can find me drinking tea, reading creative non-fiction, skating at the park, dancing (terribly, but joyfully), crafting with mod podge, or singing karaoke with my friends. 

Hello Campers, meet Deb, she has been 4-H Program Coordinator since 2012 and has been overseeing the animal, livestock and equine clubs and programs in Oakland County since 2014.  She is a mom of two grown daughters and has lived in Milford for over 30 years on a small farm with 6 horses, a dog and several cats AND recently became a Grandma!  During the summer you can catch Deb at Tollgate either hanging around in the horse area during camps, inside the animal barn or with the 4-H club during events and club activities. 

See you soon!

My name is Sam and I am the livestock coordinator at Tollgate Farm! Together with the Tollgate Farm 4H Club and animal care team, I work to ensure our animals get top notch care year round so that they can help teach visitors how animal products make their way from farm to table. My favorite animals on the farm are our toggenburg dairy goats, who are incredible milk producers, have wonderful personalities and are super fun to take to livestock shows. Their milk is also used to create one of my favorite farm products: our goat milk soap!

Working with youth to foster a respect and appreciation for livestock is one of the highlights of my job. I’m excited for camp because I can’t wait to show you all the new animals that have joined the farm! We have some really awesome new sheep called dorpers, and a beautiful flock of heritage ducks called silver appleyards. I’m looking forward to seeing you all around the farm, and can’t wait to hear about your favorite animal encounters!