Survival 2 + Horse Camp: Day Two

Welcome back. If you’ve forgotten, I’m Detective Coltrane Turtle, and I’ve been hired to determine whether or not campers are having fun here at camp. What follows is my day two investigation.

Elementary, my dear reader

The campers were back at it with animal chores today. Those animals sure do require a lot of care! Luckily the campers are always willing to help out.

Well hey there, sheep

Chicken check-in

Then, campers continued on down the path all the way to the edu-garden! Campers got to take a tour of the various fruits and veggies, and they even got to harvest some rainbow chard and onions. Maybe I’ll see those veggies in Garden Kitchen soon. . .

A pepper harvests rainbow chard

Look at that chard!

Garden fresh onions are the best onions

Then back at the pepper spots, campers got another Leave No Trace lesson. Today, they talked about the effect that trash has on the environment, and the importance of treating nature with care. They also had a yummy snack during this activity!

You can’t go wrong with watermelon and pretzels!

Some good food & great conversation

And the morning wasn’t even over! The peppers got to do something really exciting: a slackline walk! This tightrope-like line is tied between two trees to form a very skinny and bouncy path that the campers must walk across. I was shocked at how well the campers handled this challenge! (And they did it a lot faster than I ever could.)

Lookin’ fine on the slackline

A balancing act

After everyone made it across the slackline, it was time for a lunch break. And the campers needed to fuel up today because they had quite the afternoon! The first thing on tap was a little lesson on wilderness first aid.

A successful sling

The peppers burrito-wrapped Ms. Claire!

While they were out in the woods, the campers also added to their shelters. It’s only day two and they are already looking really great! I mean, it’s not as convenient as just having a shell on your back, but still.

Check out that shelter!

Safe and secure

After that, the campers CONTINUED to hang out in the woods for a foraging hike! This is where campers search the forest for edible greens such as dandelion and cattail.

Delicious dandelion!

So all in all, a pretty busy day! For more photos from my “Tollgate Investigation” folder, click here. 

Meanwhile in Horse Camp, campers were riding again. Today, the saddle went on Tulsa and Jade, who are both great friends of mine. It looks like the peppers are really starting to get the hang of things!

Helping Jade navigate the cones

Look at that horsey tail!

Campers also had some great discussions about the way that the horses are treated here on the farm. Ms. Nicole S. and other Tollgate personnel always make sure they have lots of space, food, water, and shelter. Additionally, campers talked about the different colors and markings that can be found on horses.

So much to learn!

Then after lunch, campers got to learn some other horse-related skills, such as how to lead them and tie them to a post using a quick-release knot.

Knot your average horse camp

Follow the leader

Horse campers also did a few fun projects! First up was horseshoe decoration, which really let the campers express their awesome creative skills!

Looking good!

Second, peppers created nests to protect an egg. They then performed the ultimate nest test by dropping them from the tower in the Children’s Garden.

Teamwork always helps a project along

NEST TEST RESULTS: 2/4 eggs survived

For more awesome Horse Camp pics from my investigation, click here!

And of course, all campers came together for a wonderful Garden Kitchen! We only had afternoon GK today, but it was delicious enough to make up for the missing session.

A tablespoon of water makes the hummus nice and smooth!

Pink hummus: what could be better?

You can’t beet a Garden Kitchen treat

Thanks to Ms. Tanya for filling in today in Garden Kitchen!

Day o’ fun

So as you can see, I’m getting a ton of material to make my case. But my ultimate conclusion? You’ll have to wait a little longer for that. Check back in tomorrow for all the details!


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