Teen Vs. Wild Camp: Week 1, Day 4

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We started this morning off with fishing. While there are both omnivorous and carnivorous fish, everyone caught all carnivorous fish: sunfish, bass, and bluegill.

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We learned from our special guest, Lisa, more about survival kits. The kits contained: duct tape, hooks, fishing line, band-aids, alcohol wipes, pineapple candies, tea, electrolytes, foil, a nail, a match, gum, a needle and thread and a pin. The small piece of foil can be used to reflect light to signal or reflect sunlight to start a fire.

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Before we went out to the woods, we learned multiple ways to build fires. The four methods we used were matches, magnifying glass, magnesium stick, and lighter. The magnifying glass uses the sun to help create a fire with a concentrated beam. This method takes a lot of patience to keep the beam of sun in one place for so long. The magnesium stick requires a lot of practice to be able to shave off enough magnesium and be able to strike the metal with the scraper to create a spark.

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We went back out to our shelters and had a lunch picnic. Everyone’s shelters held up through the storm on Tuesday! While we were in the woods we went on a short hike to see different edible plants we could use to survive. We found mayapples, beech trees, and jack in the pulpit. Mayapples fall off the plant when they are ripe and that is the sign they are ready to eat. Beech trees have nuts that fall off of them and are edible. The only edible part of jack in the pulpit is the root, but it must be boiled first to eat it.

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Once our fire was nice and hot, we made macaroni and cheese using freeze dried meals. After we had already poured the food out of the package we realized we needed to just put the hot water in the package so we all had crunchy noodles! Everyone got to try a small piece of the freeze dried ice cream after their macaroni and cheese.

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