Tollgate Farm 4-H Club is Looking Forward to the Arrival of Lambs and Kids!

Now that breeding season has come to a close, we think that we have 4 pregnant sheep and 7 pregnant goats. This was confirmed by a recent activity using a veterinary ultrasound to confirm pregnancies, a unique experience for our youth members. First our teens learned how to use the ultrasound. To reinforce the learning, the teens in turn showed younger members how to use this equipment. We looked for and found heartbeats, spines and movement, Lambing Starts around Jan 13th!!!

This is one of many educational activities that the club makes possible for its youth showmen. 4-H Livestock and Poultry projects provide great opportunities for youth to learn about animal and veterinary science, as well as animal production practices. There are also life skills acquired through these projects. Youth learn goal setting and problem solving, improve communication skills and gain confidence.

Many think that you need to live on a farm to participate in a 4-H Livestock or Poultry project. However, through the Animal Project Leasing program at Tollgate, youth can work hands on with livestock and poultry at Tollgate Farm, learning and growing. Currently there are still a few market lamb and duck projects available to interested youth ages 8 – 19. To learn more about this program, contact: Mary Hutka or visit our website or facebook.

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