Winter Farm Camp: Day 2

The day began with campers zooming into Tollgate with their eyes filled with excitement and wonder for what new adventures day two of winter camp would bring! The blue pepper group started our morning on a high note leading our flag ceremony, where campers worked together to post and raise the flag, as well as recite the pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge.

With the fresh snow that the previous night had gifted us, campers were excited to explore the farm using winter recreational equipment such as, cross country skis and snow shoes.

One of the big questions we asked our campers during winter farm camp was “How do animals cope with the cold?”. We talked about how some animals like bears or snakes hibernate in dens or colonies, while some animals like birds and monarchs migrate to warmer areas. Last, we talked about how some animals we still see in the winter are able to “tough it out” through adaptation. Campers were able explore the idea of adaptation when participating in a fun science experiment learning about how Wood Frogs adapt in freezing temperatures so that they don’t freeze and die.

Campers created their own jello “frogs” and designed burrows in the forest to keep their frogs from fully freezing. Campers got creative designing their shelters and weren’t too upset when many of the “frogs” ended freezing. Frozen frogs = bonus snack for them to enjoy!

The campers hunger was curbed during Garden Kitchen time when they got to enjoy a berry banana smoothie paired with a graham cracker for dipping. The smoothie was only the first of the four kitchen recipes the campers would be helping prepare this morning. In addition to the smoothie, campers helped bake corn bread, turned heavy whipping cream into butter by shaking a mason jar, and prepared veggies for our afternoon snack: vegetable stew.

Similar to yesterday, animal chores were a obvious highlight for many of the campers. And since chickens seem to be the #1 pick, the star of the show, and camp highlight, both groups were able to visit the coop for the final day of camp.

To conclude day two of camp both “pepper” groups came together to build a fire and cook vegetable stew. While the stew was cooking campers explored the forest, played in the snow, built shelters in the woods, and investigated the question of “How do plants and animals cope with the cold?”

Campers gathered around the fire to share a bowl of soup they made with their “old” and “new” friends. We reflected together about the highlights and challenges we faced during the past 2 days of camp. The soup may be gone and the 2020 winter camp may be over but the memories, friendships, and experiences made by the campers and staff will last a life time!

Thank you for a successful and fun 2020 Wild Winter Camp!

To view all of the 2020 Winter Camp photos please visit our google photo album.

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