Welcome to the Tollgate Education Center & Farm website!

Tollgate is a unique 160-acre farm located in Novi, Michigan that incorporates agricultural education and conference center services into a working farm. This site provides a glimpse of the farm’s operations and programming while hosting a blog for our summer youth programs. Click over to our About the Farm page to learn more about us!

The Camp┬áBlog functions as a connecting tool for parents/guardians of our summer camp participants to read about what we do during camp hours and follow up with their children about the events of the day. This is part of the experiential learning model of “Do, Reflect, Apply” where students engage in learning, process what they have experienced, and then apply their knowledge to other situations or experiences. By reading the day’s blog post and viewing the photos associated with each post, parents/guardians will be provided the tools needed to engage their students in reflecting and applying their learning even after camp is over.

For information about the summer programs that are offered at Tollgate, visit our Summer Programs page and register your student today!

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