Bug Camp: Day Two

Tonight on Tollgate Action News: The campers continue to make friends as they also familiarize themselves with the farm. They learn some fun new games and make two stellar dishes in Garden Kitchen. Stay tuned.

Hello everyone. This is Coltrane T. Turtle reporting live from the animal barn. As you can see, I’m surrounded by chicks; I hope to interview one about animal chores shortly.

Coltrane here, reporting for duty as your anchor and your roving reporter

And the first story I have for you follows up last week’s story on animal chores. Well, it seems that the campers got to care for all of the animals again! Tweety the Chick had this to say: “The peppers have been doing such a nice job looking after each and every animal here at Tollgate!”

One camper even got to braid Sesame’s mane!

Horse chores are a pepper favorite

And of course, we can’t forget about the goats!

For the next camp activity, let’s take a look at the garden. It would appear that campers spent their time in the garden drilling holes into a log. Why? To create a comfortable and inviting home for bees!

Bee home under construction!

She knows the drill

Looking good! Complete with a camper-made sign

Then, it was time for bug camp to really get bug-y. The campers got to go on a hike to look for all different kinds of bugs. My sources tell me that the peppers really enjoyed getting to hunt for and identify creepy-crawlies all over the farm.

I spy with my turtle eye…a bug on a pepper elbow!

Are you seeing what I see? (HINT: check the camper’s name tag!)

After that, it was lunch time, so campers chilled out for a half hour in their pepper spots to enjoy some food. And then, it was go-time once again with Build-A-Bug! Today, it was time to take the creature from an idea on paper to a salt dough sculpture.

Campers used their STEAM skills for this project!

Mad sculpting skills

Bugs like you’ve never seen before

Next on the agenda was a game called “Camouflage” where peppers got to decorate a butterfly so that it would blend in with something in the Children’s Garden. The object of the game was to disguise the butterfly so well that the hawk wouldn’t be able to see it.

A clever spot for a green butterfly

Planting the butterfly in the perfect location 

Fly away, hawk. Nothing to see here…

And now, a follow-up to yesterday’s story about the Lost Butterfly Project. The project is being continued throughout the week, and today, campers added more designs to their pillowcase nets. In fact, the nets are looking so colorful and fun, they might end up attracting ladybugs! Then, the campers got to practice swinging their nets.

Not your average net: part II

This net looks like it’s ready to go!

Ladybugs! Come out, come out wherever you are!

Ready for action

Now, let’s head over to the Activity Center and see what’s cooking  in Garden Kitchen. Today, it looks like we’ve got an apple and beet salad and some zoodles with sauce. Ms. Leah’s nonna’s sauce, to be exact.

Sauce beard

Can’t beet a good salad!

Food critic number 2 giving his favorable opinion

Half the fun of cooking with zoodles? Making them!

If you want this reporter’s opinion, you should definitely try this sauce for yourself.

A very busy day!

And for today’s segment of Coltrane’s Captured Moment, turn your attention to this yellow pepper who was caught red-handed:

It’s not Garden Kitchen if you don’t get a little messy 🙂

For more newsworthy stories of today’s adventures, click here for the Google Folder.

Looks like it was an action-packed day full of fun! If you want to follow the campers’ journey here at Bug Camp, make sure to tune in every night; I’ll be covering it all! Signing off for Tollgate Action News, I’m Coltrane T. Turtle.

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