Donations and Volunteer Opportunities

Tollgate is a local learning community, and the Tollgate Education Team has put together the following wish list for some important supplies and volunteer needs for our upcoming place-based education programs and camps. Please contact Ellen Koehler if you have any of these items to donate or are interested in volunteering.

DONATIONS (Please only gently used or new condition):

  • Microscopes, stereoscopes especially that link to large screens/screens
  • Science gauges to test water and soil quality, light meter
  • I-pads, multiple
  • Data plan for I-pads
  • Telescopes, 2 high quality telescopes for youth
  • High quality children’s literature specifically from ‘What’s In The Library?’ book-list (farm, nature, sustainability, DEI)
  • Tents for camping, 3 – 6 person
  • Camping stoves
  • Carding machine for history of wool processing programs
  • Dry erase board, multiple sizes
  • Children’s garden gloves
  • Child sized wheelbarrows, garden tools (high quality, for early elementary)
  • Enviroscape watershed model
  • Dog or cat crates, large for traveling animals
  • Baby fences for animals
  • Kitchen blender
  • Crock pots
  • Clean, empty glass baby food jars
  • Clean, empty 1 gallon transparent milk jugs (for mini-greenhouses)
  • Empty 2 liter pop bottles (for rain gauges)
  • Large cardboard boxes
  • Outdoor children’s clothing (gloves, coats, jackets, hats, socks, etc.)
  • Rain gear or ponchos (all children’s sizes)
  • Warm snow boots (all children’s sizes)(used is fine)

Volunteers to:

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