A Sweet Start to our Virtual Programming this Spring: Maple Sugaring Michigan’s Sweet Treat

Eager learners experienced the tapping of a tree in the sugar bush as they watched the sap flow from the drilled hole before going outdoors at home or school to measure and calculate the diameter of a tree. Steam and evaporation investigations accompanied a visit to the sugar shack to see the evaporator and reverse osmosis filter up close and personal. Students compared and contrasted two Michigan agricultural crops – corn and maple – and explored the tastes and grades of maple syrup. Virtual learning tools from collaborative group work in breakout rooms to Kahoot games and STEM presentations kept kids engaged and having fun while actively learning about one of Michigan’s sweetest treats and agricultural crops – maple syrup! MSU Tollgate Farm has been grateful to be able to adapt to meet our mission through educational programming with school and home-based learners.

Interested in learning about our future virtual series? Visit our virtual program webpage: https://www.canr.msu.edu/tollgate/schools/virtual-school-and-community-programs

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