Food Camp- Day 5

Hello campers and families!

It is the very last day of summer camp for the year. We had a wonderful day!

Campers visited the orchard to discuss the apple cycle. Do apples need pollinated? Are there “wild” apples in nature? 

Campers taste-tested 4 types of apples. What characteristics of an apple make it desirable for making a pie? What about apple cider?  Campers described the taste, texture, and purpose of the apple. Then they rated the apple on the sweetness or tartness they tasted. Campers enjoyed a dance party at the vernal pool in the forest. Other campers caught frogs! What kind of frogs did they find?How many frogs did the campers find?All of the peppers enjoyed a ride around Tollgate on the hay wagon. Did campers sit on hay or straw? If they sit on straw, why is it called a hay ride? The red peppers put the final touches on their farm stand. They made fresh salsa from the garden. The tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic came from Tollgate.

The orange peppers put the finishing touches on their broccoli salad. They used the broccoli from Tollgate. They also added mayonnaise, raisins, and sunflower seeds.The blue peppers baked their bread earlier in the day. They used a simple flour, egg, water, and yeast recipe. They added blue food coloring for the “blue pepper group.” The yellow peppers prepared kale chips with sugar and cinnamon. Here is the green pepper stand. They made applesauce with sugar and cinnamon. Here is the yellow pepper stand with their kale chips.Here is the orange pepper stand with their broccoli salad.
Here is the red pepper stand with 3 types of salsa: mild, medium, and spicy.Here is the blue pepper stand with blue boneless braided bread.The different pepper groups visited each stand. This group got a 10/10 for a delicious product! The campers handed out their product before visiting other groups. Look at the long lines for the stands! The food was very popular!

Here are additional photos for the week:

Here is the garden kitchen recipe for today:

Tollgate Pepper Group Smoothie

1 ½ cups frozen strawberries
2 fresh or frozen bananas
½ cup carrots
Small handful of spinach
½ cup rice milk (or liquid of choice)
Blueberries (for topping)

Blend ingredients in a blender with liquid of choice until smooth. Top it off with fresh blueberries.

Thank you campers, volunteers, and staff for a great summer. Thank you parents for sharing your children with us! What a fun time at summer camp!


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