Green Science Adventure Camp Week 1- Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of Green Science Adventure Camp! What another great day!

There was a surprise waiting in the barn this morning. A baby calf was born in the pasture this morning! Ms. Nicole S. took us to the field to introduce us to the cows.

Name suggestions from the pepper groups include: Graze, Jenna Jr., Mr. Moo Moo, and Gracie. 

Campers loved garden kitchen today! First they made green smoothies.

A green pepper asked “are we putting popcorn in it too?” 

Thumbs up!

Then they made garbanzo bean salad!

More thumbs up all around!

All of the pepper groups took turns fishing!

“A balancing act” was a great success in the garden! Using the Do, Reflect, Apply method, the campers learned about resources (sunlight, nutrients, and water). The plastic balls represent resources. Plants and weeds fight over resources to grow.

In the “do” stage, the campers were divided into 2 groups- plants and weeds. They gathered as many resources as possible to survive.

In the “reflect” stage, the peppers found that plants and weeds could not both thrive on the same resources.

In the “apply” stage, the campers pulled weeds from the educational garden to help the plants thrive. They threw the weeds into the compost pile.

The pepper groups retraced their steps out to their track traps from yesterday. Many groups found that the food they left was gone and scat was left behind. Most groups did not find tracks.

Instead, the red peppers found an artifact under the bride on their way to check their trap.

The red peppers also collected bugs!

The green peppers collected more soil and food to set a new trap for tomorrow.

The counselors continued the story with the sustainable farm today. The campers gathered materials from the farm to begin work on their own sustainable project.

Campers worked in small groups to create plans for a farm. Each farm is unique in design!

If you missed the recipes on the recipe card at pick up, today’s recipes in garden kitchen include: a green smoothie and garbanzo bean salad.

Green Smoothie

Chopped apple
Chopped pear
Small piece of ginger
A dash of vanilla extract
Rice milk

Blend together!

Afternoon: Yum-O Garbanzo Salad

Garbanzo beans
Chopped cucumber
Chopped tomato
Diced avocado
Chopped black olives
A bit of red onion
Chopped cilantro
Pinch of salt
Fresh lime juice

Put all of these ingredients into a bowl mixed in with fresh lime juice.

See you tomorrow morning for another camp adventure!






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