Grilled Veggies with Polenta or Grits

Polenta and/or grits make a great base for grilled or sautéed veggies when the usual pasta or rice are feeling a little tired. Grilling veggies with a little salt, pepper, and vinegar is a great way to make flavors pop! Don’t be afraid to let your veggies pick up a little color, as that caramelization process makes them all the tastier. If you don’t have a grill, or don’t feel like firing it up, a cast iron grill pan is a great option, but any sauté pan will do the trick as well.

Below you’ll find recipes for making your polenta or grits base. One veggie combo we recommend is garlic scapes with kale or chard, but the only limit here is your imagination!

Perfect Polenta

Old Fashioned Creamy Grits

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