Outdoor Adventure Camp: Looking Forward to Another Summer of Exciting Wilderness Skill-Building Experiences

Campers at the 2021 Outdoor Adventure Camp had a blast learning wilderness survival skills and testing their limits on the rock wall, kayaking the Huron River, and tubing down the Argo Cascades. 12-14 year old campers at our Outdoor Adventure Survival Camp not only learned important survival skills like how to build a fire and how to signal for help in an emergency, they also bonded with fellow campers through team-building activities and skill building challenges.

Each day at camp was packed full of hands on activities to keep campers engaged and active. Camp started on Monday with an introduction into Leave No Trace Principles, a chance to try out the slack line, and demonstrations on how to make fruit leather and GORP. Campers also started on their shelter building STEM activity in the forest and continued to add to it all week. Tuesday campers got to go fishing, learn about the 10 essentials for survival, and made a solar oven to roast s’mores. On Wednesday, campers had the chance to learn to kayak on the Huron River in Ann Arbor and tube down the Argo Cascades. Finally on Thursday night, campers set up tents and spent the night at Tollgate Farm, learning about astronomy and cooking their dinner over an open fire. On Friday, campers showed off their shelters, performed skits to teach each other Leave No Trace Principles, and had popsicles and said good bye to new friends.

We cannot wait to see returning and new campers in summer 2022 for Outdoor Adventure Camp. Keep checking the MSU Tollgate Farm summer camp website for updates on registration! Got questions? Email Ellen Koehler at koehle43@msu.edu.

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