Spring Break Camp at MSU Tollgate Farm!

Dear campers and camp families,

Thank you for joining us for a week of Spring Break Camp! We had so much fun meeting new farm animals, sowing seeds, exploring the farm, and learning along side you.

There is no place like a farm in the spring time. We welcomed two new lambs, five kids, and one chick during our week of camp. The Blue Peppers and the Yellow Peppers witnessed the birth of kid goats. All of the pepper groups really stepped up to the task of taking care of the babies and their parents. They milked the goats, bottle fed the babies, collected eggs, changed bedding, and made sure that all of our animals had fresh water and food.


We talked about how farmers work to extend their growing season by using greenhouses. We toured the Tollgate greenhouse and saw all of the tiny plants that will soon be transplanted in the field. Campers made their very own greenhouses out of milk jugs, in which they planted basil seeds. Energy from the sun will be enough to keep these greenhouses warm, even when left outside. Campers met some our farm’s hardest workers, red wigglers! We measured, counted, observed, and sorted. Our worms effectively recycle food scraps into nutrient rich castings for our plants!

On Thursday we welcomed Yu Man from Michigan Natural Features Inventory. Together we explored the vernal (spring) pool. We found lots of tiny creatures living in the pool that Yu Man helped us to identify. Many campers had zero reservations about wading in the pool!

Our STEM project this week was bird nests. We watched Mr. President and the First Lady build their Eagle Nest. We studied real bird nests. We went on hikes to look for bird nests. We studied egg and egg models from various birds. Throughout the week campers worked on building their own nests based on what they had observed.

Many more photos can be found on in the Google Photo Album, Spring Break Camp. Thank you all for such a wonderful week! We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂


Ms. Ellen with the Blue Peppers

Ms. Isabella with the Orange Peppers

Ms. Nicole with the Yellow Peppers

Ms. Darby with the Green Peppers




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