Green Science Adventure Camp: Day One

Hello, campers, stewards, SIT’s, and families! Coltrane the turtle reporting for duty. You might recognize me from the tank in the activity center; lots of you enjoyed hanging out with me today.

Yours Truly

I have a sneaking suspicion that camp has returned. Here’s my evidence:

A ton of kids came to Tollgate this morning and separated into five pepper groups. The green peppers (6), the yellow peppers (6-7), the orange peppers (7-9), the red peppers (8-9), and the purple peppers (10-11).

Also, the day started off with animal chores, and kids doing animal chores is a classic sign that camp is back in session.

Chicken animal chores

Feeding a baby goat (kid)

Next, an even more classic sign of camp: tie-dye. Each group had their own shirts to tie-dye.

Tie-dye in action!

A beautiful design

Tie-dye for the win

This is where it gets interesting. The groups seemed to make some sort of “track trap” that wouldn’t trap an animal, but would lure it in to step on the ink pad and paper. From what I can gather, the campers want to analyze the tracks.

Preparing the track trap

It was placed in the woods!

Step right up, animals!

I believe that they’re not going to trap any animals, but I think I’ll avoid the trap just the same. The campers also had some garden time, where I heard they spotted onions, lettuce, and strawberries!

Inspecting an onion

So all in all, it was a pretty busy morning. And things did not slow down in the afternoon. Everyone practiced fishing (rumor is, real fishing is later in the week).

Fishing pro!

Practice makes perfect!

A fishing master

Gone fishin’

They also drew some maps of the farm. I didn’t see any that included my tank, but my sources tell me that they can add to their maps all week long.

An excellent assesment.

Working hard on their maps!

A young Picasso

This map includes “where we are” and “where we do some stuff”

The campers also went on a bug hunt. Better that than a turtle hunt!

Ladybug spotting!

Green pepper group!

Steward and camper team up against a bug

Finally, the ultimate sign that camp is back: Garden Kitchen. Ms. Leah assisted the campers in making two delicious (green) snacks right here in the Activity Center. The first was guacamole.

Ms. Leah preparing the goods

Excited for guac!

The guacamole dab!

Enjoying a yummy green snack!

And in the afternoon, a green smoothie, which from what I saw, was quite a hit.

Smoothies: pre-blended

It earned a thumbs-up from this camper!

And this one, too!

Here’s today’s recipe card:


So, I think I can rest my case. Camp is back, and it’s more fun than ever. I can hear you saying now, “But Coltrane! My picture isn’t in this blog!” I hear you. Luckily, there are plenty more photos in our Google Photos account! Click here to view

Until tomorrow, campers!

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