Food Camp: Day Four

Happy Thursday! Welcome back to my blog where I share with you the information I’ve learned from observing Food Camp at Tollgate for my upcoming book. Let’s take a look at what went down on this gorgeous Thursday!

First up, everyone’s favorite type of chores: animal chores! The goats sure were happy to see the peppers making the trek to the animal barn: they were hungry!

Replenishing the hay

How to restrain a goat 101

Milk, anyone?

To the compost pile we go!

Then, in preparation for a later activity, the peppers headed over the compost pile to dig for worms! They hiked all the way up Mt. Compost to procure the biggest, juiciest worms.

Digging for treasure. . .in the form of worms!

Adding to the worm collection

And what did they use the worms for? You guessed it: fishing! The campers turned their worms into a tempting treat for the fish living in the Tollgate pond.

Patience, grasshopper


A camper and his tiny fish, Cookie!

And the fish weren’t the only hungry ones at Tollgate; by the time fishing was over, campers were ready for lunch! So they fueled up before starting the next activity: skit practice! Each pepper group will present a skit tomorrow, so today was the dress rehearsal. I can’t wait to see the big show!

This play has real potential

Not sure what’s going on here…

Getting into his role as the egg

After rehearsal was over, it was time to work on the farm stand project a bit more. Today, peppers did most of the cooking for their recipes. There’s going to be a great and delicious variety on Friday, and I can’t wait to sample each and every treat.

Spoiler alert: the Green Peps are making applesauce!

Mixin’ it up

Using zucchini straight from the Edu-Garden

But, the food-related fun was not over. The next activity involved graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and a solar oven. That’s right! Campers made s’mores using the sun as their bonfire!

S’more good times at camp

Cooking in the sun

Not the healthiest snack we’ve ever made, but they sure are delicious!

The food fun continued with Garden Kitchen! Today was pizza central, and both the pizza and eggplant parmesan were delectable.

Pizza Pie

Cheesy goodness

Pizza posse

Ready to eat some eggplant

The week is flying by!

Such good food for food camp

As always, more photos can be found HERE

I can’t believe it! There’s only one more day of food camp. I’m getting so much good info for my upcoming book, and I can’t wait to see everything that unfolds tomorrow. Join me then!

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